Bridle Ring with Saddle, Size 2″

UL and cUL Listed
Diameter: 2 Inch
Thread: 1/4″X20
Used to support voice, data, and video wires from different structures
Provides a cost effective solution for managing wires and cables
No tools are required for installation
Packaged in 50 pcs/box


Details about Bridle Ring with Saddle, Size 2″

Bridle Ring with Saddle, Size 2″
Part No.: BR02SA

Product Overview
This bridle ring with saddle is used to support and organize sensitive fiber optic and data cables. They are a fast and cost effective solution of cable management. These bridle rings are very versatile and are designed with an open loop for easy cable insertion. They reduce the chance of damaging cables by providing good support, eliminating stress, and following the natural curves and bends of cable.

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