8U Wall Mount Rack

17.15” height x 19.71” width x 18” depth
Supports up to 125 pounds of equipment
Made with #12-24 threaded rack rails
Heavy duty steel construction
Open rack design provides a cost effective solution for wall mounting smaller equipment
Available in 8U, 12U and 15U height


Details about 8U Wall Mount Rack

8U Wall Mount Rack
Part No.: WMR08

Product Overview
The 8U wall mount rack is a high quality, low cost relay rack that is easy to assemble and install into any environment. The rack can be wall-mounted or installed as a free standing storage solution. Able to accommodate common networking, audio-video and telecom equipment, the open rack offers a depth of 18 inch, making it suitable for mounting on virtually any wall surface. This 8U rack can be mounted to the wall in a server room, office, or above a doorway, expanding your workspace and keeping your equipment easily accessible, it creates a neat, structured, and organized cabling system.

Perfect for installing network equipment out of the way and high up on a wall in office, warehouse, or superstore location
Ideal for small and medium business requiring small rack solutions
Mount audio, video broadcast or distribution devices

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